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Cnv0159Jenn Fadal is a national Pet Wellness & Lifestyle contributor. In addition to being the founder of her own holistic pet boutique, Wag, this Tampa native can be seen frequently on Media General’s Daytime Television across the country, as well as on FOX, NBC and ABC.
Jenn has been a pet correspondent for Better TV and a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio. A writer at heart, Jenn contributes to various publications reporting on health trends and the lifestyle needs of furry friends.
Jenn not only works with clients to achieve holistic solutions for their pet’s health and longevity, but she is also a pet advocate, working with the Humane Society and various animal rescue organizations.Jenn’s expertise in the pet industry is a result of working closely with veterinarians, trainers, pet behaviorists and other pet advocates through the years. In fact, veterinarians recommend their clients to Jenn for diet consultations and product recommendations.


Jenn graduated from the University of South Florida where she majored in Advertising and Mass Communications. After fruitful careers in both the corporate and non profit sectors and spending many years in Chicago, Jenn’s love for animals remained at the forefront, so she turned her passion into her profession.

Jenn resides on Davis Islands with her husband Cristan, son Sebastian and their fur kids, Abe, a Chocolate Lab, they rescued while living in Chicago and Chico, a Chihuahua rescued after he had been left, tied to a fence at a baseball field. They are one happy pack!




Jenn Fadal Pet Lifestyle Expert and Pack

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