Abe’s Big Day

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Tomorrow is Abe’s big day.  Just a little less than one month before his eighth birthday, he is going under the knife for ACL repair surgery.  My poor boy.  He has no idea that he is in for a 12 week recovery…no running, no chasing squirrels and certainly…no tennis ball action.

Our consultation with Dr. Hay, Abe’s surgeon, was February 3.  That morning, I told Abe to get his big boy pants on and get in the car.  He wore his very tough neon green rubber spike collar for the consult, fell asleep in the car on the way there, got lots of love at the office and then enjoyed an icecream on the way home. 

Dr. Hay is a nice man….I should have asked how many of these surgeries he does a week/month/year.  It seemed like a rotating door of ACL patients.  Dr. Hay explained the procedure and his recommended surgery at a fairly high level.  I was happy that I  had researched beforehand, or I would have been most likely been lost in medical jargon.  But, everyone who has had their dogs operated on by Dr. Hay holds him in high regard.

Out of the available surgery options, Dr. Hay recommended the TTA or Tibial Tuberosity Advancement.  He said that he performs this surgery 90% of the time and  the end result.  Abe should have 90%+ use of his leg when it is fully healed.  That is good news for Abe.

Tomorrow our journey begins and by Friday afternoon, Abe will be snug as a bug catching zzzz’s in his bed. 

Can’t wait to spoil my patient!