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New York Dogs!

Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Lifestyle, Paws for Thought, Travel | 0 comments

Haaaaah.  The sights and sounds of New York.  My blood runs faster as soon as the plane lands.   For the past10 days, I had the pleasure of spending my vacation with family in New York and New Jersey.  This included my two favorite Manhattan pooches Matsen and Parker. As a matter of fact, Parker (shown below) and I have spent a lot of time together filming pet segments for Better TV.  Parker loves the camera and jet setting around NYC with his brother Matsen. They know how to work the petparazzi as they attend many star studded events with their mom Tamsen.  You lucky dogs! Ok, not all pets in the city strut the red carpet…but they do have many places to roam….and many many stores to visit!    Not only are their paws hitting the pavement with their owners and dog walkers, but these lucky four leggers have a plethora of dog parks to run off leash.  In fact, during my stay, I spent as much time peeking into dog parks as I did kiddie parks with my son Sebastian!  I also stopped by my favorite NY pet store:  DoggyStyle NYC!  I had a great time…gained a few pounds(gelato was my best friend)…and enjoyed the NYC pet world.  🙂 But, I have to say, it was wonderful to return home and be reunited with my two eagerly awaiting canine sons!  Love my Abe and Chico!  Until next time New...

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Jenn Fadal’s Interview in Pet Age Magazine

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Check out a great article in Pet Age Magazine on Alternative Health Remedies for your pet.  Thanks Pet Age for interviewing me for this informative article! Click to view pdf of article Pet Age Magazine Alternative Pet Remedies!...

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Furries and Fireworks

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Grills are fired up, families celebrate and fireworks are displayed on the Fourth of July.  And our pets?  Well, the Fourth of July is the number one day of the year for pets to be lost and end up in shelters.  In fact, some shelters will host pet adoptions on the Fourth of July to make room for all of the lost pets they will receive on July fifth. Here are five tips to help pet parents keep their furry family members safe this holiday. 1.  Keep Pets Cool and Inside– While you are enjoying the holiday festivities, make sure your pets are indoors, cool and safe.  The onset of hyperthermia can happen quickly and put your pet in danger.  This holiday is definitely not the day to have your pets roaming off leash in your yard or neighborhood.  Or worse yet, tethered outside in the heat.  To keep them busy, give them their favorite long lasting treat or toy and have fresh water.  2.  Fireworks Frenzy– Some pets are anxious and nervous at the sound of fireworks.  While many pets will burrow in their bed, others will bolt out of an open front door.  A few products on the market can help ease your pet’s fear such as the, Thundershirt, a calming jacket for your pet, and Rescue Remedy, an all natural calming solution. Be safe, if your pet is a runner, create a quiet room in your home with all of his favorites and keep the door closed. 3.  Pet I.D.’s, a Must Have– In the event your pet does leave your home, increase their chances of a safe return with their pet i.d. attached to their collar.  Make sure contact information is up to date.  If you want to take an extra precaution invest in a pet GPS tracking system so you can monitor your pet’s whereabouts on your smart phone. 4.  Avoid Fatty Foods and Decorations– Although we love roasted meats, creamy salads and chocolate filled desserts, your pet’s stomach may not thank you.  As we all know, some foods are toxic to our pets and overly rich foods can be the cause of pancreatitis.  The same can be true of Fourth of July decor.  If consumed, intestinal disturbance or blockage is a possibility.  Avoid the vet this holiday by keeping your pet on their paw lickin’ good kibble and decorations out of reach. 5.  Emergency Numbers– Have your vet, the local emergency vet and animal poison control’s number at the ready. Best place would be to program them in your cell phone.  In case there is a pet emergency, you know who to call and where the numbers are located.  The ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center hotline number is 1-888-4ANI-HELP or 1-888-426-4435 ($65.00 per case). The charge is billed to caller’s credit card. Happy Fourth of July! Wags,...

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Jenn Expands Blog Reach to

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Writing.  Not sure why or how it happened…but I love it.  I know some of you can relate…sometimes the written word is easier to express than the spoken.  Often, this is true for me, but when you get me talking about pets….sometimes I can’t stop! Now, you can read more of my blogs on the website!  I am their new pet nutrition & lifstyle contributor.  Very excited!  Who is Mr. Chewy?  Well, the Mr. Chewy site is one of the fastest growing online pet food retailers and will now be a place to learn more about your pets! My first contribution is all about grain free foods….well at least what I could fit in 500 words or less 🙂 I mentioned some of my faves:  Orijen, California Natural Grain Free and EVO.  Click Jenn’s Chewy Blog to read more.  There are other fabulous writers sharing their thoughts on multiple pet topics too! Do you have a blog?  I would love to take a sniff.  Send me the deTAILS! Stay tuned…. Wagfully, Jenn...

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Safe Pet Travel

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Safe Pet Travel Summer is here and many pet parents are planning vacations which include their four legged family member.  We have already loaded the car with our dogs, Abe andChico, and taken them to the beach.  It was a wild ride I promise you, complete with baby, dogs, baby gear, dog gear and one father-in-law.  We made it safely though. Seventy three million UShouseholds own a pet.  And according to 82% of pets travel with their owners.  General safety for all travel includes:   1) pet id tag or tracking device, (we love TAGG)  2)  plan ahead- know the pet laws of the hotel and city you are traveling to and 3)  have your pet up to date on vaccines and ensure overall health. Car Travel Safety:  Auto harnesses and/or travel crates and water bowls are must haves.  Did you know that a 60lb dog would become an over 2500lb projectile object in a 35mph car accident?  Yikes!  This can never be said enough:  Never leave pet in a car unattended.   Auto temperatures can reach 120 degrees!!  We love Kurgo travel products! Air Travel Safety: Call your airline to find out the rules and regulations of pet travel.  Crate size for in cabin travel will differ by airline, type of plane and sometimes even your seat on that plane.  Airlines such as US Airways, Airtran, JenBlue and Southwest do not allow pets to ride in cargo and those that do (United and Delta) have restrictions on when and if short nosed breeds can travel.  Please click on the links and learn each airline’s pet policy. Make a reservation!  All pet air travel requires a reservation.  Fees do apply and range from $75-$125 each way. More air travel tips: Ö        Get your pet used to their travel crate prior to your trip.  Ö        Exercise prior to arriving at the airport to lessen excitable behavior. Ö        Make sure your pet is healthy and can handle a flight. Ö        If traveling in the cabin pack snacks, favorite toy and ensure comfort of your pet.  Ö        Airports will have a pet potty area to use prior to a flight, in between legs and after flight. Boat travel: Some dogs are made for the water and others….well let’s just say they are water challenged.  Use of a dog life jacket and/or boat ramp will help an anxious dog be safe in the water. Be safe this summer!  Enjoy your pets!  ...

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