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Happy Anniversary Chico!

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    The holiday crazies are in full swing.  For me personally, I have a party to plan, Christmas cards to mail,  inventory to count and about 10 more pages of to do’s.  Feeling anxious?  Yes.   More than anything else however, I am feeling grateful…for so many things. Certainly for my family, work and friends but leading the pack are six little legs. Two of these legs belong to the little man currently belly laughing as he jumps away on his FisherPrice bouncer. My son Sebastian arrived on the scene on April 29 of this year. My husband and I...

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411 on Pet Halloween Safety

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1.      Keep Pets Indoors– Halloween night has the second largest number of lost pet occurrences out of the year.  Pets should remain home during trick or treating festivities  The combination of darkness and costumes may make your pet anxious and scared.  If you keep your pet in a gated yard, consider bringing them indoors.  There will be many pranksters out, who just might find it funny to let your pet out of the gate, antagonize your pet or even worse. Tagg the Pet Tracker is an excellent and EASY option to give pet owners peace of...

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Crypton to the rescue!

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As most of you know, I have two seven year old boys at home.  Abe, my lab mix, is crazy about his ball!  His ball fetish began pretty much the first day we brought him home and has never stopped.  Because of his age and his craze, it is difficult for him to stand when he has been lying down on the floor or his bed for a while. Chico on the other hand, could care less about a ball.  The only toy he likes is his toy chipmunk that we gave him the first day he was dropped on our doorstep.  He does have a few physical problems however.  He is...

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Bow Wow Brownies

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My dog Abe is not a picky dog…not in the least.  He is just as happy with a raw piece of meat as he is with his bowl of dry dog food.  When I bake Bow Wow Brownies however, he is one happy guy!  I think he actually smiles. If you are looking to try your hand at baking for your dog, this is a sure winner.  Is your dog intolerant of wheat?  If so, try an alternate grain source and add the carob elements.  I don’t think one dog has turned these bad boys down! 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 tablespoons honey 1 cup whole wheat flour 4 eggs 1...

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Fido’s Fall Schedule

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It’s that time of the year when you are probably back to your old routine of rising early, preparing for work, kids are busy with school and after school activities and you do it all over again day after day after day.  Visions of your relaxed summer are quickly fading as your fall routine takes over. So, how about your dog?  After a few months of frolicking with your kids, perhaps vacationing or spending time in the pool and yes, most likely eating more table scraps than normal…he is back to his old routine of staying at home most of the day...

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Pets on a Budget

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Many of us are curbing our spending in this economy and that includes spending on our pets.  Although the pet business is BIG business with an estimated 48 billion dollars spent in 2010 on vet care, food, supplies and services, consumers are looking for more affordable ways to keep their pets healthy, well fed and active. 1. Vet Care a.  Talk to your vet about a payment program, pet insurance and what is medically necessary right now and which medicines and procedures can wait. b.  Ask your vet about generics especially in the area of non...

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Healthy Summer Coat

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We want healthy hair and skin this summer and so do our pets.  A healthy summer coat is extremely important for dogs and cats.  Why?  Itchy dry skin, flaking and hot spots can be a sign of a bigger problem.  Fleas, poor diet, food allergies and inhalant allergies can all manifest in poor coat health. These five easy steps can help ensure a healthy summer coat for your pet. 1. Control Fleas- there are over 15 antigens in a flea’s saliva which means that one bite can wreak havoc on your sensitive dog or cat.  To combat this, make sure your pet...

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Safe Flea Fighters

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Buyer beware!  Make sure that the flea protection you choose for your puppy, kitty, dog or cat is the right one for their age, size and medical condition.  Topical medication, oral medication, collars, dips, sprays….the list goes on and on.  There is a variety of products to choose from all claiming to kill fleas or prevent outbreaks.  Read this interesting article from the NY Daily News and the reasons why some flea fighters are dangerous. Please consult your veterinarian to ensure the product you choose is safe for your dog or cat. ...

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Having a baby? Tips to prepare your four legged child.

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If you are like me, your dog or cat is your baby…the center of your world, the light or your life….you will do anything for them buy anything for them…..until the human baby comes along.  Unfortunately, the arrival of a baby oftentimes means the pet is not only dethroned but re-homed.  I hear stories like this far too often and almost 100% of the time the dog or cat should have remained with the family. My husband and I welcomed our new baby Sebastian in April 2011 and I am happy to say that our dogs are handling the transition...

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Dog Poop to Fertilizer?

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In France, the country notorious for having streets littered with doggie droppings, a scientist is researching turning these dog deposits into environmentally friendly fertilizer.  Interested?  Read the story from Bloomberg News below: Dog-Poop Project in France Seeks to Turn Feces Into Fertilizer April 20 (Bloomberg) — Across the street from a bowling alley in Toulouse, a French scientist in a white smock unlocks the passageway to a hidden refrigerated laboratory where a centuries-old blight is about to be wiped up. “Show him Project...

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