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Shansen Jewelry- Good for You and Animals in Need

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You know the saying…if you want something done give it to the busiest person you know.  Two of the busiest ladies I know have joined forces and the result is simply….beautiful. Tamsen Fadal and Shannon Elizabeth When Shannon Elizabeth, actress and animal advocate, partnered with her cousin, Tamsen Fadal,  media personality and author, they were driven  to combine their talents and develop a line of affordable, inspirational accessories.  Each piece is thoughtfully created, has deep meaning and holds a special place in the designers’ hearts.  Hence Shansen Jewelry. Learn about the inspiration behind Libby Love. Why do I love the work of these two phenomenal women?  Well, it is pet related of course.  Shannon and Tamsen have chosen charities such as Last Chance for Animals, to receive a portion of Shansen’s proceeds. In addition to Shannon and Tamsen’s generosity, the jewelry is vegan inspired.  Absolutely no animal products are used. I give this collection and these ladies four paws up!! Congratulations Shannon and Tamsen for creating such a beautifully inspired line and thank you for your love of animals. Wagfully, Jenn...

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Chesty the Bulldog and His Life Jacket

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I was visiting my family this past weekend on Anna Maria Island and was honored to meet a new relative…Chesty, an 85lb English Bulldog.  He belongs to my cousin Mike and his girlfriend Summer and is named after Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Although Anna Maria does not offer dog beaches, there are several rental homes and apartments that are pet friendly.  Thus, Chesty, was enjoying a week’s vacation…complete with an easy access salt water pool, cool tile floors and three bedrooms from which to choose.  Needless to say, it was hot this weekend.  Certainly too hot for a bulldog to be outside for very long.  But Chesty was determined.  True to his breed, he wanted to be with us all of the time and was snorting and slobbering his way through the day.   That included circling and inevitably being submerged in the pool. There is no doubt he would have sunk like a rock if we weren’t watching.  Luckily, my cousin, Mike, packed his doggy life jacket which enabled Chesty to zip back and forth across the pool…like a true fish out of water.  Life jackets are so important for those dogs not used to water or those being introduced to it for the first time.  For chest heavy breeds like English Bulldogs, life jackets are a must have.  Their bodies simply aren’t made for the water. My recommendation is to have one of these handy if you plan to take your fur kid on a boat or have him around a pool.  Especially if he is top heavy,  terrified of the water, or just so enamored that he could go overboard at any time.  Water + scared/nervous dogs never make a good match. Be safe like Chesty this...

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Abe’s Annual Appointment

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Abe went to his eigth annual vet appointment yesterday.  For the first time, we had the baby in tow as well.  Not sure Abe loved that part of it though as mommy couldn’t have her hands on him the entire time.  But he did just fine. All good news for Abe!  His lumps and bumps are all just fatty tumors, his teeth looked great thanks to TropiClean dental products, his ACL could be manipulated as it should be (Thanks Dr. Hay) and he lost a pound!  Yay Abe! Abe loves his vet, Dr. Stuart Rosenburg, and of course loves the treats he gets for behaving himself at the office.  Sebastian, my son, loved trying to grab the pictures and artwork that were in his reach. My favorite quote in Dr. Stu’s office is:  “Be the person your dog believes you to be.” What a lovely thought to keep in mind today. Happy...

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Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleaning

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Yes.  It is true.  There is such a service as anesthesia free dental cleaning for pets.  If you have had your pet’s teeth cleaned in the past, you might have had a bit of hesitation due to the necessity of anesthesia.  Or, your pet might be up in age and never had his/her teeth cleaned. I have to confess, both of my dogs are eight years old, and they have never had their teeth cleaned.  Their teeth look pretty good though because they are fed a high quality diet, consume raw bones and we use dental cleaning products by Tropiclean. It is important to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in tip top shape.  By the age of three, pet’s can develop gingivitis which can lead to other diseases such as heart disease. I met Dr. Kristen Swanson, a holistic vet hailing from Colorado,  last week.  She and her team came to my store, Wag, to perform anesthesia free dental cleaning.  All I can say is…WOW, what a difference.  The before and after of many of my four legged client’s teeth was amazing.  All the dogs made great candidates for the procedure and their owners were happy. Cost is $165, which is less than a typical pet dental cleaning with anesthesia and the service takes about 30 minutes.  Dr. Swanson does recommend a holistic tincture to use after the cleaning whick kills bacteria and prevents infection.  The cost of the tincture is $25.  Visit K9 Dental Service to watch a demo video. Wag’s next cleaning date is:  Sunday, July 29.  Call to reserve your space today:  813-258-9181. Here is a picture of Dr. Swanson with two happy...

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Wellness Day 2012 Pictures

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Wellness Day 2012 Pictures

Finally!  A few pictures from Wellness Day to share with...

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Abe is back in action! Many of you might remember that Abe had ACL surgery in February and has been recouping ever since. Fifteen weeks have passed and me and my pack are power walking twice a day. We rise early and head out the door with Abe and Chico flanking either side of the stroller.  Then, we do the same thing around 7pm.  Chico is raring to go always and Abe starts off rather reluctantly.  Not that he can’t do it or is in pain…he just prefers to stay home curled up at his Dad’s feet while he diligently works. Abe’s leg is healing wonderfully.  He has no to speak of, can chase a ball (although we are extra careful to toss it gently), swim and participate in our power walks at a nice clip.  We walk fast, very fast.  Poor little Chico jogs the entire time as Abe’s four steps equal Chico’s eight. Sometimes, my husband gets to join us which makes my pack extremely happy.  Here is a snapshot of my boys….all four of them!  ...

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