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Good morning!

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  Our day started earlier than usual.  Typically the baby wakes up around 7am, we put him in our bed and he will lay there until about 7:30am all the while climbing, rolling and tackling my husband.  Today however he woke at 6:30am so our morning routine kicked it up a notch!  The two other boys in the household, Abe and Chico, were raring to go at 6:30 as well and by 6:45am they were all begging for food in the kitchen! I snapped a couple of photos of the three beggers:  Sebastian, Abe and Chico. Everyone’s mornings are crazy I know…but mine are striking me as so humorous these days.  Maybe that is what lack of sleep does to a person…makes you a bit loony! Now that the boys have had their fill of The Honest Kitchen and the baby has had his bottle and yummy looking peaches, I am settling in at Wag for a full day of working like a dog with the dogs! Have a terrific...

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Uggie- the cutest celeb on the red carpet

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Is it possible that the best dressed celeb at the Golden Globes was wearing only a bow tie?  Uggie, the Jack Russel who was once kicked out of two homes and fated for life at the pound or worse, stole the show at the Globes Sunday night.  In true Jenn fashion, I love watching the Golden Globes, the Oscars, People’s Choice Awards…etc…but usually haven’t seen the movies that are nominated.  This year was no different. So when I saw the little Jack Russel Terrier named Uggie, go up to receive the award with the rest of the cast from The Artist I was surprised and knew I had to find out his story. Apparently, Uggie is a trick happy, extreme skateboarding,  9 year young actor who has quite a bit of movie experience under his paw.  The incredible dogs website lists Uggie’s appearances which include:  Water for Elephants, Disney’s Life is Ruff, Mr. Fix It and now The Artist. Uggie was such a hit that groups are calling for him to be in the running for an Oscar.  The facebook and twitter campaign is called “Consider Uggie” and I’ll tell you one thing for sure…he’s got my...

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Happy Anniversary Chico!

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    The holiday crazies are in full swing.  For me personally, I have a party to plan, Christmas cards to mail,  inventory to count and about 10 more pages of to do’s.  Feeling anxious?  Yes.   More than anything else however, I am feeling grateful…for so many things. Certainly for my family, work and friends but leading the pack are six little legs. Two of these legs belong to the little man currently belly laughing as he jumps away on his FisherPrice bouncer. My son Sebastian arrived on the scene on April 29 of this year. My husband and I couldn’t be happier to be his parents and we are enjoying every ounce of this child. Prior to Sebastian’s celebrated birth, four additional legs ran into my life. Well, more like hobbled in. Chico, my 18lb Chihuahua mix walked through my doors on December 13, 2010. You may remember his story from past Paws for Thought articles. Chico was found at the Davis Islands baseball fi eld tied to a fence on what happened to be the coldest day of the year. For some reason I went against my cardinal rule (not to keep lost/found dogs myself but to lead the person in the right direction) and decided to foster him. From December through April, I did try to fi nd a home for Chico. I took him to adoption events, wrote articles about him, posted his adorable scowl on facebook, took him to the store to meet my customers and more. Each attempt was met with an overwhelming silence.  In the meantime, he was doing his best to win me over. He was my walking partner. I was very pregnant at this point and Chico was my constant companion as I logged many many miles all over Davis Islands. I do credit Chico for helping me to only gain 20 pregnancy pounds! He also put me through boot camp. In those first months, Chico was waking up at least once a night to go outside and “do his business.” As I begrudgingly suited up at 2am to take him out, I kept telling myself this is how it will be when the baby arrives.  The baby did arrive in April, and both Abe and Chico’s jaunts with Mom were put on hold. Chico, however, took on another role. Instead of being my walking partner, he was now my middle of the night baby feeding side kick. No matter what time or how often I was up with Sebastian, there was faithful Chico, staggering in to the room and plopping down beside the rocking chair.  By June, I knew that Chico was my dog….and by July, my husband knew as well. Chico finally won my husband over when he did his crazy small dog run through the backyard. If you have small dogs, you know what this is –one of the funniest things to witness. I fi nalized the adoption paperwork and Chico became officially a Fadal.  It is amazing what one year can bring. I thought I was busy with a husband, business and one dog. Now, twelve months later, I have a husband, son, two dogs and a business. I am loving every hectic minute! And, Chico has gone from being tied to a fence on a cold winter day to having his own family and getting ready for the annual Christmas photo.  As Cesar Milan (and my good friend Jen) says you don’t always get the dog you want but get the dog you need. I am thankful. Happy...

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Crypton to the rescue!

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As most of you know, I have two seven year old boys at home.  Abe, my lab mix, is crazy about his ball!  His ball fetish began pretty much the first day we brought him home and has never stopped.  Because of his age and his craze, it is difficult for him to stand when he has been lying down on the floor or his bed for a while. Chico on the other hand, could care less about a ball.  The only toy he likes is his toy chipmunk that we gave him the first day he was dropped on our doorstep.  He does have a few physical problems however.  He is missing the ball in his hind leg hip socket and he has a compressed disc in his neck.  He has his days when walking is very difficult. I have tried various beds for both but had not gone the route of orthopedic beds yet. The makers of Crypton pet beds contacted me to test their product.  Not only are they  known for making beds that really last but they have an orthopedic bed that is supposed to be fantastic.  Crypton beds are made with fabric that resists moisture, stains, odor and bacteria (the tag says that spills just wipe away!) I took them up on their offer and two beautiful beds just arrived!  Can’t wait to test them on Chico and Abe and see the result!  I hope they like it!  Orthopedic AND odor resistant?  What could be better? Keep following my blog as the Crypton story to...

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Bow Wow Brownies

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My dog Abe is not a picky dog…not in the least.  He is just as happy with a raw piece of meat as he is with his bowl of dry dog food.  When I bake Bow Wow Brownies however, he is one happy guy!  I think he actually smiles. If you are looking to try your hand at baking for your dog, this is a sure winner.  Is your dog intolerant of wheat?  If so, try an alternate grain source and add the carob elements.  I don’t think one dog has turned these bad boys down! 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 tablespoons honey 1 cup whole wheat flour 4 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 cup carob chips 1/4 cup carob powder 1/2 teaspoon baking powder Directions:=1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees.2 Blend oil and honey in a bowl.3 Mix in remaining ingredients. Pour into greased 15- by 10-inch baking sheet. Bake 30-35 minutes. Read more:...

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Pets on a Budget

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Many of us are curbing our spending in this economy and that includes spending on our pets.  Although the pet business is BIG business with an estimated 48 billion dollars spent in 2010 on vet care, food, supplies and services, consumers are looking for more affordable ways to keep their pets healthy, well fed and active. 1. Vet Care a.  Talk to your vet about a payment program, pet insurance and what is medically necessary right now and which medicines and procedures can wait. b.  Ask your vet about generics especially in the area of non steroidal anti-inflammatories.   Generics that rival the popular topical flea medications are on the market as well.  These may offer you great savings. c.  And take good care of your pets between visits.  Example:  Teeth cleaning!  Most veterinarian offices charge at least $200 for teeth cleanings.  You might be able to  save this money by being diligent about cleaning your pets teeth every week and feeding crunchy treats and bones.  Now cleaning is easier than ever:  cleaning gels and water additives provide the pet owner with clean pet teeth without the struggle of brushing. 2.  Food a.  Many brands of food offer a frequent feeder program.  Buy 12 bags get the 13th free is the most common.  Innova has a great program that offers a free bag after 10 bag purchases.  Make sure to get a frequent buyer card from your retailer AND save your UPC codes.  Most programs require these.b.  Contact food manufacturers and ask for coupons!  Or at least get on their mailing list and you will receive discounts in the mailc.  Social Media- friend your pet food manufacturer or retailer on facebook or twitter and get discounts that way too! 3.  Toys and Bedding a.  Toys- many toys manufacturers offer a product “guarantee” their products.  If your dog punctures or destroys the toy, you can take it back to your retailer or send it in directly to the manufacturer for a free toy.  It may be worth it to spend a little more up front for a longer lasting toy that can be replaced. b.  Bedding- In my opinion the best deal on the market is the doggie duvet cover concept vs. a bed.  You can “stuff” the duvet with an old bed, towels, clothes, foam, you name it and your dog will love it because it smells like you.  They are cute, durable and...

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