Dogs Gone Wild

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You know the saying, “when the cats away the mice will play.”  Well, that is exactly what happened in my house this weekend.  My son and I left for a couple of days to enjoy time with my parents and my husband and fur kids stayed home.  Eating, walking, playing and tackling a minor honey-do list. When I say dogs gone wild…it was really only one dog that went a bit loony and my husband was home the entire time.  Hmmmm…..maybe it wasn’t dogs going wild.  Rather, pack leader not paying attention. Abe, our first child succeeded in eating two pieces of strawberry...

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Zukes Dog Treats Wins with Lil Links

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If you are a pet owner and haven’t tried a Zukes pet treat with your dog or cat…well…. you are just one treat away from treating smart.  With Zukes, you can treat smart and with heart because these premium treats are healthy and delicious.  Take it from my dogs Abe and Chico.  Just the mention of Zukes dog treats  in our house turns on Niagra Falls. Zukes sources and produces their products in the USA  and uses high quality protein, fruits, veggies and whole grains as their ingredients. Their latest creation, Lil Links, have been flying off of our shelves.  Pet parents are...

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The ABC’s of Pet Supplements

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Many of us add supplements to our diet to aid our digestion, joint mobility, arthritis, etc.  How about our pets?  Believe it or not, there are wonderful pet supplements on the market today that assist your pet in living to his full potential.  I take my palm full of vitamins, fish oils and the like in the morning and my dogs, Abe and Chico, do the same. The extreme heat in which pet food is extruded (cooked) lends to the loss of many vital nutrients found in food in its uncooked state.  Although, pet food manufacturers add nutrients to the food post extrusion, the inclusion of a multi...

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Pet food- what is the right choice for my pet?

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Have you purchased that same green bag of pet food for the past 10 years?   If you are asked the brand of your pet’s food or if it is made with chicken, beef or other protein would you know the answer?  Or, do you feel like taking a double dose of headache medication when you cruise through the pet food aisle thinking “Too many choices…where do I begin?”   No matter your pet food knowledge, the bottom line is there are options a plenty.  After many years of studying pet food and working in the industry, I have seen the effects of good food and, unfortunately, the results of feeding the wrong...

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Bow Wow Brownies

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My dog Abe is not a picky dog…not in the least.  He is just as happy with a raw piece of meat as he is with his bowl of dry dog food.  When I bake Bow Wow Brownies however, he is one happy guy!  I think he actually smiles. If you are looking to try your hand at baking for your dog, this is a sure winner.  Is your dog intolerant of wheat?  If so, try an alternate grain source and add the carob elements.  I don’t think one dog has turned these bad boys down! 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 tablespoons honey 1 cup whole wheat flour 4 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 cup carob chips 1/4 cup carob...

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Stuff the Turkey Not the Dog

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It is so tempting to “give a dog a bone”…or a piece of juicy turkey, or, gravy covered mashed potatoes or….you get the point.  They look at you with those sad, sad eyes and there is absolutely food everywhere!  I know!   Although the average American gains a pound or two over the holidays, that shouldn’t hold true for our canines and felines. The fresh aroma of turkey basting in the oven, along with creamy gravy simmering on the stove and pies on the table will have your dog drooling.  During this month and the next, it is important to watch the health and safety of our pets.  Here are a few...

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