New York Dogs!

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Haaaaah.  The sights and sounds of New York.  My blood runs faster as soon as the plane lands.   For the past10 days, I had the pleasure of spending my vacation with family in New York and New Jersey.  This included my two favorite Manhattan pooches Matsen and Parker. As a matter of fact, Parker (shown below) and I have spent a lot of time together filming pet segments for Better TV.  Parker loves the camera and jet setting around NYC with his brother Matsen. They know how to work the petparazzi as they attend many star studded events with their mom Tamsen.  You lucky dogs! Ok, not all pets...

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Safe Pet Travel

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Safe Pet Travel Summer is here and many pet parents are planning vacations which include their four legged family member.  We have already loaded the car with our dogs, Abe andChico, and taken them to the beach.  It was a wild ride I promise you, complete with baby, dogs, baby gear, dog gear and one father-in-law.  We made it safely though. Seventy three million UShouseholds own a pet.  And according to 82% of pets travel with their owners.  General safety for all travel includes:   1) pet id tag or tracking device, (we love TAGG)  2)  plan ahead- know the pet laws of the...

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Hotels Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Pets and Their People

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If your vacation dreams include Fido lounging by the pool…you are in luck!  A variety of hotel and motel chains are not only pet friendly…but offer amazing services to ensure the comfort of your Fido or Felix!  All that is left to do is get the all clear from your vet, learn your destination’s pet policies and hit the road. Quality Inn & Suites near Ybor City and the Fairgrounds is a new hotel and they want to meet your pets!  Quality Inn has a $25.00 pet fee and no weight limit.  They have had cats, dogs and even a ferret or two sign their guest book.  Quality Inn is part of the Choice...

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To Board or Not to Board

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Oh, the holidays. Ready or not, they have arrived. Turkey dinners are forecasted, suitcases are dusted off and it all begins!  Many of you are planning your holiday travels…to see Grandma Millie in New York, Mom and Dad in Atlanta or you may just want to get away to an island in the Caribbean and escape the chaos! What about your four legged family member? Who will care for them while you are away? Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, are you having visions of Macaulay Culkin in the movie Home Alone? If you have used your last I.O.U. and your trusted neighbor, friend or...

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