New York Dogs!

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Haaaaah.  The sights and sounds of New York.  My blood runs faster as soon as the plane lands.   For the past10 days, I had the pleasure of spending my vacation with family in New York and New Jersey.  This included my two favorite Manhattan pooches Matsen and Parker. As a matter of fact, Parker (shown below) and I have spent a lot of time together filming pet segments for Better TV.  Parker loves the camera and jet setting around NYC with his brother Matsen. They know how to work the petparazzi as they attend many star studded events with their mom Tamsen.  You lucky dogs! Ok, not all pets in the city strut the red carpet…but they do have many places to roam….and many many stores to visit!    Not only are their paws hitting the pavement with their owners and dog walkers, but these lucky four leggers have a plethora of dog parks to run off leash.  In fact, during my stay, I spent as much time peeking into dog parks as I did kiddie parks with my son Sebastian!  I also stopped by my favorite NY pet store:  DoggyStyle NYC!  I had a great time…gained a few pounds(gelato was my best friend)…and enjoyed the NYC pet world.  🙂 But, I have to say, it was wonderful to return home and be reunited with my two eagerly awaiting canine sons!  Love my Abe and Chico!  Until next time New...

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Safe Pet Travel

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Safe Pet Travel Summer is here and many pet parents are planning vacations which include their four legged family member.  We have already loaded the car with our dogs, Abe andChico, and taken them to the beach.  It was a wild ride I promise you, complete with baby, dogs, baby gear, dog gear and one father-in-law.  We made it safely though. Seventy three million UShouseholds own a pet.  And according to 82% of pets travel with their owners.  General safety for all travel includes:   1) pet id tag or tracking device, (we love TAGG)  2)  plan ahead- know the pet laws of the hotel and city you are traveling to and 3)  have your pet up to date on vaccines and ensure overall health. Car Travel Safety:  Auto harnesses and/or travel crates and water bowls are must haves.  Did you know that a 60lb dog would become an over 2500lb projectile object in a 35mph car accident?  Yikes!  This can never be said enough:  Never leave pet in a car unattended.   Auto temperatures can reach 120 degrees!!  We love Kurgo travel products! Air Travel Safety: Call your airline to find out the rules and regulations of pet travel.  Crate size for in cabin travel will differ by airline, type of plane and sometimes even your seat on that plane.  Airlines such as US Airways, Airtran, JenBlue and Southwest do not allow pets to ride in cargo and those that do (United and Delta) have restrictions on when and if short nosed breeds can travel.  Please click on the links and learn each airline’s pet policy. Make a reservation!  All pet air travel requires a reservation.  Fees do apply and range from $75-$125 each way. More air travel tips: Ö        Get your pet used to their travel crate prior to your trip.  Ö        Exercise prior to arriving at the airport to lessen excitable behavior. Ö        Make sure your pet is healthy and can handle a flight. Ö        If traveling in the cabin pack snacks, favorite toy and ensure comfort of your pet.  Ö        Airports will have a pet potty area to use prior to a flight, in between legs and after flight. Boat travel: Some dogs are made for the water and others….well let’s just say they are water challenged.  Use of a dog life jacket and/or boat ramp will help an anxious dog be safe in the water. Be safe this summer!  Enjoy your pets!  ...

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Hotels Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Pets and Their People

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If your vacation dreams include Fido lounging by the pool…you are in luck!  A variety of hotel and motel chains are not only pet friendly…but offer amazing services to ensure the comfort of your Fido or Felix!  All that is left to do is get the all clear from your vet, learn your destination’s pet policies and hit the road. Quality Inn & Suites near Ybor City and the Fairgrounds is a new hotel and they want to meet your pets!  Quality Inn has a $25.00 pet fee and no weight limit.  They have had cats, dogs and even a ferret or two sign their guest book.  Quality Inn is part of the Choice Hotel group which includes other names you may know such as Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Clarion and others.  Choice Hotels has over 2,500 pet friendly hotels across the country…so chances are, a Choice Hotel will be where you are vacationing.  Their website also offers pet safety and travel tips.  Visit: Westin Harbour Island greets your under 40lb pet with a Westin Heavenly Bed, food mat, food bowls and a goody bag.  Leave your collar, leash and food at home?  They’ve got those items on hand! Westin is part of the Starwood Hotel Group which is the parent company of Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels, Four Points and others.  This world-wide company offers many pet friendly hotels.  Visit their website to find one! Looking for a smaller, boutique hotel?  Hotel Indigo is the one for you!  The boutique hotel chain is part of the Intercontinental Hotel Group and offers 36 unique hotel experiences world-wide. The Hotel Indigo I spoke with is located in the heart of St. Petersburg and offers access to pet friendly restaurants, dog parks and more!  Visit If your idea of a vacation includes spa time, gourmet meals and a lot of pampering…and you want the same for your dog…you must visit either the glamorous Ritz Carlton or a posh Loews Hotel.  The Ritz Sarasota offers a Privileged Pup program wherein your under 20lb Fido can enjoy either a Therapeutic Swedish, Full Body Relaxation, Invigorating Sports or Senior pet massage.  All massages are 60 minutes and cost $130.  Organic meals prepared by request. Loews Hotels have a motto:  Loews Loves Pets!  And they certainly do.  From spa packages at the Loews Don Cesar to Su ‘Ruff lessons at Loews Coronado Bay your pet will be nothing but spoiled.  Loews has a low pet fee of $25 and no weight limit! State and local laws will dictate what each hotel can offer and allow.  A quick phone call to your destination will give you all of the information you need for a fur fabulous...

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To Board or Not to Board

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Oh, the holidays. Ready or not, they have arrived. Turkey dinners are forecasted, suitcases are dusted off and it all begins!  Many of you are planning your holiday travels…to see Grandma Millie in New York, Mom and Dad in Atlanta or you may just want to get away to an island in the Caribbean and escape the chaos! What about your four legged family member? Who will care for them while you are away? Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, are you having visions of Macaulay Culkin in the movie Home Alone? If you have used your last I.O.U. and your trusted neighbor, friend or family member just can’t care for Fido this time around…you do have options.  Pet Boarding. There are wonderful facilities in the area that will house your pet while you are gone and offer many packages from which you can choose.  Your dog can stay in a higher end facility with indoor “suites,” outdoor playtimes, daycare and grooming… the list of add on’s is extensive. Or, you can board at a facility that has traditional kennels which typically offer outdoor and indoor space and a couple of walks a day. Nowadays, pet resorts, as they’re often called offer a wide variety of options, all safe and secure, giving you peace of mind while you are away. Before you decide if this is the route you should take, go visit a few boarding facilities, take a tour, learn their policies and prices, meet the managers and note how you feel when you are there. Rates for cats and dogs can start anywhere from $20 a day and go up from there. Don’t be surprised that if you choose a top of the line package with a large suite, many play times, extra cuddling, treat before bed, etc. that your price per night could be upwards of $50. Most facilities offer multiple pet discounts.  Look for a place that allows your dog to eat his own food, not food provided by the facility. Your dog might be a nervous boarder, so any change in his diet might impact his digestive wellness. Also, your buddy will need to be up to date on the following vaccinations: DHLPP, Bordetellaand Rabies.  Once you have decided on a facility, have your dog or cat visit and spend the night prior to your trip. This way, he will be familiar with his home away from home and have an idea of the routine, smells, sounds and staff. The goal is for your pet to feel like he is on a vacation while you are on yours! Pet Sitter – Pet sitters are a dedicated group of men and women that will take care of your pet in the comfort of your home. You can choose how many times a day they come to visit your pet and what they will do with Fifi or Fido while they are there. If your dog loves to play ball in the back yard, they will incorporate that during their visit time. If your dog is a dog park regular he can certainly enjoy this routine with his sitter.  Pet sitters can also take your pet to the vet or grooming appointments and will keep a close eye on their health and behavior while you are away. Some sitters will spend the night at your home if you so desire.  Upon your return you will fi nd notes written after each pet sitter visit so you will get a clear snapshot of how Fido spent his days while you were gone. They...

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