Chico Dog is Limping

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Chico Dog is Limping

If you have an extra moment today, will you please send a positive thought or two out to my little Chico?  He woke up this morning barely able to walk due to a lame front paw.  He is my little ball of energy….running, jumping and my partner on daily jaunts through the neighborhood.  Today though he sadly waited by the baby stroller as I loaded in my son and then looked out the window as we all left for our morning ritual.

Chico Dog is limping


We have an appointment today with our favorite vet, Dr. Stuart Rosenburg, at Bayshore Animal Clinic.  Could it be dog arthritis?  An overgrown dewclaw?  I hope it is the latter.

In the meantime, he has had one dose of Metacam (which we had from a prior diagnosis of a compressed C2 disc)  to relieve inflammation and hopefully a bit of pain and a lot of love from the rest of us!

Has your dog had an injured paw?  If so, what was the diagnosis?

Thank you in advance for the well wishes!