Dogs, Cats, Guineas, Rabbits…Oh My!

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Just before the holidays I was able to bring Jill, Nina, Winston and Raymond with me to the NBC studios in Tampa to film a segment for Daytime.  The interesting part about this is that Jill is a dog, Nina a cat, Winston a rabbit and Raymond a guinea pig.  You know how the saying goes…in showbiz…you never want to work with kids or pets! 

Well, I am happy to say that ALL FOUR of our featured pets were on their best behavior.  Jill and Nina found forever homes after the segment and Raymond the guinea is still looking for his.  (Winston the rabbit is owned by my customer Charlene. 

Click here to look at the Daytime segment and meet Raymond! 

For more info on Raymond visit:

Here is a bit on guinea pig care:

Guinea pigs are usually docile, rarely bite and are known to squeal with delight when their favorite person comes in the room.  They can make a good starter pet for an older child who has mastered proper handling techniques. Guineas are delicate and dropping them can cause harm. They should be fed twice a day and once hand tamed let out of their cage at least once a day for exercise.  Always opt for a larger cage at least 4 ft in length per guinea pig.  This makes for a happier/healthier pet. Guineas are very social and like to live in small groups.  So two guineas are always better than one!

I snapped a shot of the pets, their handlers and hosts Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards!