Greening Your Pets Environment

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It seems that each day we are given more and more information on interesting ways to help save our environment.  Reusable shopping bags, energy efficient cars, flooring made of environmentally friendly bamboo, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.  In that vain, there is much you can do in the way of your pet supply purchases and daily pet care habits to ensure a safer tomorrow.

First and foremost…help eliminate plastic!  When shopping at your favorite pet boutique or pet retail chain, consider reusing bags.  I know many of our Wag customers comment that they have so many “Wag” bags at home and wish they had thought to bring them on their shopping spree. 

I know that many of us use grocery store plastic bags to pick up our dog’s waste while walking.  A more “green” alternative is to use biodegradable waste bags.  There are many brands to choose from in this category.  The newest and most innovative are made by Flush Puppies.  They are biodegradable AND flushable.  They actually dissolve in water and are large enough to use with dogs of all sizes.

Feeding organic treats is an extremely eco-friendly way to say “good job” to your favorite four legger.  Organic products are made without the use of pesticides and hormones which are bad for the environment.  If you don’t feed organic, at the very least feed all natural treats and food.  Products labeled “all natural” do not use preservatives and have many of the same qualities that organic foods contain.  Wagatha’s, Monzies and Smart Dog Treats are a few examples.

Toy manufacturers have really jumped on the earth friendly bandwagon.  You can find toys that are made from recycled soda bottles; natural, non toxic rubber; recycled rubber from left over toy material and some are even made organically.  Yes, that is correct, organic toys.  The Simply Fido Toy collection is made from organically grown cotton!  The toys are softer to the touch due to improved soil fertility and harvesting methods.

Because of its relatively short growth cycle of 100-120, Hemp materials are extremely eco friendly.  Earth Dog and Planet Dog make a wonderful line of Hemp collars and harnesses for small to extra large dogs. 

Shampoos should be made with all natural ingredients, chemical free and made from biodegradable products.  AromaPaws, Earthbath and TheraNeem are a few recommendations.

The easiest thing to do is to recycle your pet’s gently used toys, collars and leashes.  Donate last season’s “gear” to the Humane Society, Animal Services or other rescue organization.  These groups are in constant need of supplies.

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