Happy Anniversary Chico!

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The holiday crazies are in full swing.  For me personally, I have a party to plan, Christmas cards to mail,  inventory to count and about 10 more pages of to do’s.  Feeling anxious?  Yes.   More than anything else however, I am feeling grateful…for so many things.

Certainly for my family, work and friends but leading the pack are six little legs. Two of these legs belong to the little man currently belly laughing as he jumps away on his FisherPrice bouncer. My son Sebastian arrived on the scene on April 29 of this year. My husband and I couldn’t be happier to be his parents and we are enjoying every ounce of this child.

Prior to Sebastian’s celebrated birth, four additional legs ran into my life. Well, more like hobbled in. Chico, my 18lb Chihuahua mix walked through my doors on December 13, 2010. You may remember his story from past Paws for Thought articles. Chico was found at the Davis Islands baseball fi eld tied to a fence on what happened to be the coldest day of the year. For some reason I went against my cardinal rule (not to keep lost/found dogs myself but to lead the person in the right direction) and decided to foster him.

From December through April, I did try to fi nd a home for Chico. I took him to adoption events, wrote articles about him, posted his adorable scowl on facebook, took him to the store to meet my customers and more. Each attempt was met with an overwhelming silence.

 In the meantime, he was doing his best to win me over. He was my walking partner. I was very pregnant at this point and Chico was my constant companion as I logged many many miles all over Davis Islands. I do credit Chico for helping me to only gain 20 pregnancy pounds! He also put me through boot camp. In those first months, Chico was waking up at least once a night to go outside and “do his business.” As I begrudgingly suited up at 2am to take him out, I kept telling myself this is how it will be when the baby arrives.

 The baby did arrive in April, and both Abe and Chico’s jaunts with Mom were put on hold. Chico, however, took on another role. Instead of being my walking partner, he was now my middle of the night baby feeding side kick. No matter what time or how often I was up with Sebastian, there was faithful Chico, staggering in to the room and plopping down beside the rocking chair.

 By June, I knew that Chico was my dog….and by July, my husband knew as well. Chico finally won my husband over when he did his crazy small dog run through the backyard. If you have small dogs, you know what this is –one of the funniest things to witness. I fi nalized the adoption paperwork and Chico became officially a Fadal.

 It is amazing what one year can bring. I thought I was busy with a husband, business and one dog. Now, twelve months later, I have a husband, son, two dogs and a business. I am loving every hectic minute!

And, Chico has gone from being tied to a fence on a cold winter day to having his own family and getting ready for the annual Christmas photo.

 As Cesar Milan (and my good friend Jen) says you don’t always get the dog you want but get the dog you need.

I am thankful. Happy Holidays.