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Writing.  Not sure why or how it happened…but I love it.  I know some of you can relate…sometimes the written word is easier to express than the spoken.  Often, this is true for me, but when you get me talking about pets….sometimes I can’t stop!

Now, you can read more of my blogs on the website!  I am their new pet nutrition & lifstyle contributor.  Very excited!  Who is Mr. Chewy?  Well, the Mr. Chewy site is one of the fastest growing online pet food retailers and will now be a place to learn more about your pets!

My first contribution is all about grain free foods….well at least what I could fit in 500 words or less 🙂

I mentioned some of my faves:  Orijen, California Natural Grain Free and EVO

Click Jenn’s Chewy Blog to read more.  There are other fabulous writers sharing their thoughts on multiple pet topics too!

Do you have a blog?  I would love to take a sniff.  Send me the deTAILS!

Stay tuned….