My Good Dogs and Their Kid

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My Good Dogs and Their Kid

I believe at heart, all dogs are good dogs.  Or, at least strive to be good dogs.  There are many dog breeds in the world today and my two fur kids are definitely couture.  They are a melting pot of mixed breeds which make them all the more special to me.

Abe is most likely a Labrador Retriever mix and Chico is some combination of Chihuahua and Corgi perhaps.  I did purchase a DNA test (Wisdom Panel) for each of them and will be swabbing their cheeks soon!  Most importantly, they are both dog rescue success stories!

Prior to adopting Abe, over eight years ago, my husband and I knew that dog adoption was for us.   Chico, on the other hand, well, he sort of fell into our lap about a year and a half ago… and stayed.

Sixteen months ago, we also added another member to our family.  A two legger named Sebastian.  So, I am surrounded by boys and I love it.  They are hilarious and warm my heart with all of their canine and human antics.  Most importantly though, they all love one another.  Sebastian has his face washed by Abe and Chico daily and they thoroughly enjoy flanking his highchair at meal time.

Of course, we are extra careful with Abe and Chico.  We ensure that Sebastian doesn’t antagonize them and know when they have had enough baby time.  If you have a new baby on the way, here are a few tips to create a safe environment:

And, if you would like a peak into our life with baby and dogs visit:

For now, here is a picture of all my boys…after they opened a box containing a Master Moves Mickey!

Master Moves Mickey Mouse and My Family