The Power of the Pack

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The Power of the Pack

This pack mom has been down for the count for the last six days.  A barking cough, chills, fever and more.  Thank goodness for my dear husband who kept things running.  Literally.  He took the dogs on their two a day power walks every morning and night, helped to run the store when I just couldn’t and cared for our 15 month old son…who is a fireball of energy.

The dogs did their part too.  They laid by my side, followed their dad’s commands and remained calm, cool and collected even though I was a hacking mess.  Of course, when I tried to nap, I constantly had pack members busting in through the room door to check on me….but that’s o.k.  There is power to a pack.

I found a great article on wolf pack mentality on the Animal Planet website.  Click here to read it:

Are you the Alpha, Beta or Omega?