Uggie- the cutest celeb on the red carpet

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Is it possible that the best dressed celeb at the Golden Globes was wearing only a bow tie?  Uggie, the Jack Russel who was once kicked out of two homes and fated for life at the pound or worse, stole the show at the Globes Sunday night. 

In true Jenn fashion, I love watching the Golden Globes, the Oscars, People’s Choice Awards…etc…but usually haven’t seen the movies that are nominated.  This year was no different.

So when I saw the little Jack Russel Terrier named Uggie, go up to receive the award with the rest of the cast from The Artist I was surprised and knew I had to find out his story.

Apparently, Uggie is a trick happy, extreme skateboarding,  9 year young actor who has quite a bit of movie experience under his paw.  The incredible dogs website lists Uggie’s appearances which include:  Water for Elephants, Disney’s Life is Ruff, Mr. Fix It and now The Artist.

Uggie was such a hit that groups are calling for him to be in the running for an Oscar.  The facebook and twitter campaign is called “Consider Uggie” and I’ll tell you one thing for sure…he’s got my vote!